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Corporate Sponsorship 

Sponsorship Information Package

   To download our corporate sponsorship information package, click here. (PDF)

The Benefits of Sponsorship 

   The support of sponsors allows Cornell students, both undergraduate and graduate, to get hands-on experience building a car that could change the automotive industry, thus enhancing their educational experience at Cornell. Cornell University provides the team with faculty time, laboratory space, and testing facilities. However, our design and production budget comes directly from private and corporate donations. By helping the team, sponsors also receive numerous benefits:

  • Any contribution to the Cornell 100+ MPG team is tax deductible. Many personal contributions to the team also qualify for matching funds from employers.
  • As a corporate sponsor, our team members recognize your company’s commitment to the educational and professional development of our members. Some of the finest engineering students in the world will get direct and practical exposure to your company and its products.
  • Sponsors of the Cornell 100+ MPG Team will gain both local and national exposure.  The Progressive Insurance X-Prize Foundation is committed to creating tremendous national media coverage of the event, and the Cornell 100+ MPG Team is likely to receive a great deal of attention as the only registered university team as of October 2007.  All sponsors will have their logos placed on the bodywork of the vehicle as well as our annual team poster. The size and number of these logos are proportional to the degree of sponsorship. In addition, all of our sponsors are included on our website ( with links to their homepages.
  • Sponsors become part of the Cornell 100+ MPG Team by helping to provide what has been referred to as the most valuable educational experience any student engineer can have.  As a sponsor you will be supplied with a progress report of the team’s status at key points in the development cycle.

   Your support is essential for our success. If you wish to sponsor the team, please contact us and we will send you sponsorship materials. For more information please do not hesitate to call us at (607) 255-8424, or send us an email at For general inquiries, please fill out our online form and we will get back to you as soon as possible.