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About Cornell 100+ MPG

    The Cornell 100+ MPG Team is made up of over 55 students from many different educational backgrounds, some of which include engineering, architecture, biology, and economics. This multi-disciplinary group is organized into several teams, including Electrical Components, Chassis, Mechanical Components, Design, Information Management, Business Administration, and Business Plan. These groups are currently using a systems engineering approach to design an automobile that will push the limits of efficiency, feature a distinctive and unique aesthetic, and be commercially viable in the marketplace.

    The Progressive Insurance X-Prize is modeled after the 1919 “Orteig Prize,” which was offered to the first pilot to fly non-stop between New York and Paris.  The Orteig Prize was won in 1927 by a 25 year old airmail pilot named Charles Lindburgh, whose flight across the Atlantic is acknowledged as a catalyst in creating what is now the modern aviation industry. 
    The Progressive Insurance X-Prize Foundation aims to be such a catalyst to other industries by offering multi-million dollar awards for specific goals, set by the Foundation, which have the potential to benefit humanity.  Rather than awarding money to honor past achievements or by directly funding research, the Progressive Insurance X-Prizes incites innovation by tapping into our competitive and entrepreneurial spirits.  The Progressive Insurance Automotive X-Prize (AXP) will be awarded to the team that produces a 100 mile-per-gallon (equivalent) vehicle, develops a feasible business plan to produce 10,000 units, and wins a series of stage races against similar vehicles.

To learn more about the Cornell 100+ MPG team, you can visit our Wikipedia Article.