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  •  8/22/2007 - "C.U. Team Enters Auto X-Prize Contest"
  • "With the average U.S. car getting about 21 miles per gallon, drivers might be gas-guzzling the way to a warmer and smoggier future. In an effort to revolutionize the way we think about our cars, the Automotive X Prize (AXP) Foundation is offering a multi-million dollar prize to the first team to design a 100 mile per gallon or fuel equivalent car and present a viable business plan to sell 10,000 of these cars..." Read the article here.

  •  9/10/2007 - "Of 31 organizations trying to build a 100-mpg car, only one is a university: Cornell"
  • "The Automotive X Prize (AXP), which promises a multimillion-dollar award for the development of a practical, marketable 100-mpg car, has so far attracted 31 competitors, according to an announcement by the X Prize Foundation. The list includes a variety of small companies, one nonprofit organization and so far only one university: Cornell..." Read the article here.

  •  4/25/2008 - "Team Competes to Build Most Fuel-Efficient Car" - Cornell Daily Sun
  • "While most students are complaining about rising gas prices, others are working to compete for the Automotive X-Prize, a competition challenging participants to create a car that is both more financially sound and fuel-efficient than any other vehicle on the market..."

    Read the full article here

  •  4/11/2008 - "Young Entrepreneurs Get Lesson in Creative Thinking" - The Ithaca Journal
  • "...Terence Davidovits, a graduate engineering student and a founding member of the Cornell 100+ MPG team, is leading a group of 70 students hoping to win a $10 million prize for creating, from scratch, an automobile that can be commercially viable and still get 100 miles to the gallon..."

    Read the full article here

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